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Who’s Cooking?

The Lunchbox is created by me, Georgia Levy. I am a recipe developer, food stylist and cookbook author. I have worked in the food world for 20 years, developing recipes for the likes of Natoora, The Guardian, Cadbury, Wahaca, Ocado and Waitrose. My first cookbook, Let’s do Lunch, was published by Pavilion/HarperCollins in September 2022.

I like to create recipes that are simple and delicious. No hard-to-find ingredients, elaborate cooking techniques or agonising waits for your food to be ready. Let other chefs do complexity. I’m here for getting to the eating bit ASAP.

Cooking should be fun, a moment to yourself and a chance to make those around you happy and satisfied. Stick with me, and you’ll never run out of easy, delicious recipes.

If you want to work with me, contact me at georgia@georgialevy.com.

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